Sunday, 28 July 2019

Own the season trend: Burnt Orange

Monochrome is a huge trend this season. But what's even bigger is the colour burnt orange. From runways to Instagram feeds, it seems to have taken over everything. It is the colour you want to shop for pants, crop tops, skirts, holiday wear and almost every kind of outfit you can imagine. Pick up any millennial brand and you will find a monochrome dress in this colour with them. I happened to get my hands onto this one at Central Fashion, with their Hey brand!

I went about styling it with a tan tote bag and black bellies. It is a difficult to style colour, so I decided to go with dainty jewellery and classic golden loops. Don't pair statement pieces with this one, the colour is too bold enough to make a statement in itself and you don't want to over do it. I paired a tan belted watch along and left my hair open. Pulling back my hair into a bun or up do would have made the outfit look larger than life for me. So, keep your body type in mind while styling your hair for this one.

With so much colour already on me, I choose not to go too colourful with my make-up. Instead, I went for nudes. Nude lipstick, nude eye shadow and a classic black winged liner. It all helped do the trick!

Button-down dresses are in vogue and I love to have them in my wardrobe. I have four to five of them already and adding this one in the colour of the season in 2019 to my collection, only makes me want to have more and more of them. They could be wore as casuals, for shopping sprees, brunches, at movies, at dates to at meetings, office and as formal wears provided they are in subtle hues.

Let me know in comments what do you plan to shop next in the colour of the season, burnt orange?

Outfit: Central Fashion, Hey!
Footwear: Van Huesen
Tote bag: Giordano
Watch: Oriflame
Jewellery: Street Fashion